What’s in Your Water?

Your Glass of Drinking Water Might Not Be as Clean as You Think!

You fill a glass of water from the tap and it looks crystal clear so you drink it. However, have you ever thought about how clean that water actually is, no matter how clear it may be?

As long as we do not see, smell, or taste any contaminants, we consider the water as clean and drinkable. However, not all water contaminants are detectable by human senses. Your tap water might look, taste, and smell just fine — and can still include contaminants!

Let’s get to know — with Motion Water, a water filtration service — what’s really in your water!

Man drinking a clean glass of water.


Tap water can contain chemicals, such as arsenic, barium, cadmium, and more that pose risks to human health. These chemicals could damage your kidney, liver, bone, and blood, increase blood pressure, cause skin problems, cancer, and harm cardiovascular and nervous systems. Chlorine, which is used to disinfect water, can cause cancer and reproductive problems if present in high quantities.


Water becomes contaminated with lead and corrosive when plumbing materials corrode. It impacts kids more than adults and can affect growth, hearing abilities, and intelligence quotient. Adults can suffer from damage to the brain, kidneys, bone marrow, nervous system, and red blood cells. Water can also contain aluminum and copper and cause serious health problems.

Filling up a glass of water in a sink.
Hand under clean shower water.

Bacteria and Viruses

While most microbes are harmless or beneficial to our health, some, such as E. coli, Giardia, and Cryptosporidium, are responsible for causing gastrointestinal problems and flu-like symptoms. The presence of parasitic infectious microbes can cause diseases. When present in your home’s water, you could also come into contact with the bacteria and viruses when you shower, brush your teeth, wash your vegetables, etc.

Radioactive Contaminants

Most of the radioactive elements are present in the water naturally. However, more gets added into the water through improper water wastage from the production of nuclear weapons, energy, and medicines. It can pose a risk of cancer or kidney failure.

Filling up a glass with tap water.

These contaminants can be in your water, and you won’t get to know about them unless you check your water quality. Motion Water can improve your tap water’s quality by installing a customizable water filtration setup.