Get Clean, Filtered Water Throughout Your Entire Home!

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When most people think about water treatment, they often picture sink units that provide high-quality drinking water, but investing in filtered water throughout your entire home has many benefits of its own. At Motion Water, we want to provide you with clean, filtered water that you can enjoy in the bathroom, kitchen, and even in the shower. Continue reading to learn more about why you should invest in whole house water filtration, and get your new water filtration system from Motion Water today!


At Motion Water, we use two main components to ensure that our water filtration systems produce the best water they can. These two main components are a catalytic carbon filter and cation resin. The catalytic carbon filter features top-of-the-line oxidation and absorption pores, and it is coated inside and outside with micro-pores of catalytic carbon that help reduce the need for an ion-exchange and membrane process to remove harmful contaminants.

In addition to the catalytic carbon filter, we also use a cation resin. Cation resin is a plastic polymer that has a positive charge and holds onto negatively charged calcium and magnesium ions that are often found in water. The result is cleaner water that is free of contaminants and heavy metals!

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We strongly believe that our technology is what sets us apart and is some of the best. Our systems have large enough contact time with the filtration media to effectively remove the contaminants from the water. We pride ourselves in not just selling you "a system," but also making sure you have the resources, tools and education to properly be treating your water to remove the things you do not wish to be bathing in, washing your clothes in and so much more.

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You want the best for yourself and your family, and investing in clean, filtered water throughout your entire home is a great way to achieve just that. While drinking filtered water is a great start, filtering the water that you wash your food, take a shower in, and so much more can actually help to eliminate possible contaminants that could lead to health problems and more.

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Below is a link to EWG who compiles all municipal water quality reports and gives layman's explanations to the items in your local water report. We test in your home and can also use these reports to design a custom whole house water system for you and your family.

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Whole home water treatment is not far away, especially when you work with Motion Water! Our goal is to help you get the clean, delicious, filtered water that you deserve, whether you just need it for your sink or you want to filter the water in your entire home. Now is the perfect time to invest in cleaner water. Reach out to Motion Water today to get started!