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Our Water Treatment Specialists are available at your convenience to help you with your water filtration service needs and provide expert service!

  • Free Water Testing
  • Water Treatment Repair & Installation
  • Problem Water Specialist
  • Well Water Specialist
  • Whole House Systems
  • Reverse Osmosis Units
  • Alkalinity Machines
  • Salt Delivery
  • Whole House Air Filtration
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Motion Water has a full line of equipment for city water and well water for residential and commercial applications

  • Whole house filtration and drinking water systems
  • Alkalinity water systems
  • Water softeners
  • Water softener and purification combinations
  • RO filtration
  • Particulate filtration
  • Bacteria disinfection UV/Ozone
  • Full maintenance and service


Alkalinity Pro Drinking Water

  • Purified
  • High pH 9.0+
  • Smaller cluster molecule for 6 times faster absorption
  • -ORP to low ORP Oxidation-Reduction Potential for high antioxidant benefits
  • Can help reduce symptoms from Acid Reflux, Gout, and much more.

RO Purified Drinking Water

  • Purified
  • Bacteria Free
  • Low TDS Total Dissolved Solids
Commercial Filtration Systems
Brita Pro Truck
Brita Pro Whole House 2MB (3)

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